We wish to thank all the benefactors who donated and contributed to the establishing of the Great Courtyard visitor center:

  • Kibbutz Merchavia

  • The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

  • The Ministry of the Interior

  • The Ministry of Science, Culture and Sports

  • The Ministry of Tourism

  • The Government Company of Tourism

  • The Regional Council Emek Yizreel

  • The Council of Buildings and Settlements Restoration

  • The Keren Kayemet Leyisrael Bracha Fund

  • The States Inheritance Fund

  • The Jewish Fundraising in France

  • Bersai, Abitbul, Perez and Serbernick families - France Vered family, Canada

  • Michael Oppenheimer

  • The Galil Development Authority Plassim LTD Firm